Division 2 level cap increase

This page tells you everything you need to know about the World Tiers in The Division 2. World Tiers are end game content which essentially replaces levels. The higher your world Tier will determine the strength of the enemies you can encounter. There are currently four World Tiers available to you with a fifth on the way when a new Stronghold will be introduced.

division 2 level cap increase

Once you reach the level cap and complete the three main Strongholds you will automatically unlock World Tiers. To reach level cap you'll need to be level 30 - if you're having trouble getting your level up try checking out our How to Level Up Quickly guide. Once you've completed the Strongholds you will immediately unlock World Tier 1. From here you can head back to the Quartermaster at the White House and unlock Specializations. You may notice that several areas previously thought safe on your map have now become 'Invaded'.

This means that they've been over-run by the new enemy gang - The Black Tusk. To progress in World Tier you will have to liberate the specified invaded areas and also complete the Strongholds again as well as have a high enough Gear Score.

Other activities like control points will also be invaded. While liberating these won't assist you in progressing to the next world tier it can help get you more loot from their store-rooms again, potentially helping to increase your gear score. Another aspect to levelling once you've achieved World Tiers will be a gear score.

When in your inventory you'll notice each piece of gear is now assigned a score and your character will also receive a score based on the average of everything equipped.

This is useful because at a glance it can give you an idea of which item is better than another but it is also required to advance to a higher World Tier.

To get better gear you'll want to do things like complete missions on high-level difficulties or go to the Dark Zone and PvP areas to get better loot.

Another essential aspect of upgrading your gear score is to use crafting. Here you can make mods and weapons that may be higher to what you already have. Having a high Gear Score will also mean you're more likely to get better loot to help further increase your gear score.

If you want to boost your Gear Score quickly and have a higher scored friend you can join their game and complete a mission. They can drop any loot they get for you during that mission which will be at their Gear Score. Last Edited: 4 Apr am. How to Unlock World Tiers [ edit ] Once you reach the level cap and complete the three main Strongholds you will automatically unlock World Tiers. Invaded [ edit ] You may notice that several areas previously thought safe on your map have now become 'Invaded'.

Was this guide helpful? YES NO. In This Wiki Guide. Rated "M". Developer Massive Entertainment. Release Date March 15, Table of Contents.With every major update our builds were broken…. With every major content addition new bugs were added….

Before we can prepare for the gear changes that are coming we need to understand what they are. Earlier this year, the devs announced that a new gear system would be implemented at a later date after the release of Episode 3 — that time, is now here. This new gear system will bring with it the following changes:. So why do we need these changes? According to the devs, the feedback received is that it can be too hard, or too much of a grind, to get high stat and attribute drops, and the current system is difficult to understand when creating your build.

We are also, apparently, complaining that we are hoarding too much gear because we are uncertain of if we will need it in the future or not.

For many players, we have put hundreds, and some of us thousands, of hours into testing builds, breaking builds, re-testing them, and breaking them again, to create what has turned into the foundation of what new comers to the game strive to create.

This will set us all back at zero, having to relearn how all the new pieces, talents and attributes work in conjunction with each other again. I will however, give it a chance before I condemn it check back in with me in April.

This is one aspect of the update that intrigues me and will greatly assist with my inventory management issues. Talents, stats, attributes, core stats, mod slots and desired rolls, can all be extracted from items and saved into the Recalibration Library. Once placed in the library you will be able to use these over and over again to recalibrate items as often as you want. Oh well…. The changes coming to Skill Power are interesting.

Your skill mods will no longer directly affect your build either. Each skill level will have attributes associated with it, which amplify as you move up tiers to max level 6. Where the major benefit will come into play here is with the introduction of Overcharge.

division 2 level cap increase

This overcharge can also apply to your team, and with the changes coming to talents, there will be some talents that will enable this overcharge without you needing to be at tier 6. Those without the expansion will be unable to progress past level 30, however the increased gear score of will apply. This will create a few issues for those who only have the one toon and play with friends who have opted not to buy the expansion.

Enemies will now scale to your level regardless of what activity your undertaking. This means that you can tackle any mission at any time and the NPCs will scale to you, removing the restrictions on how you have to progress the story. The offset to this is no more power leveling your friends or alternate toons as scaling will exist in all activities, and will scale all team members to an average. There are so many other things I would have liked to see worked on first though, such as fixing the raid joining system so that you can invite players from the party menu again this has been broken since AUGUSTand the implementation of the second raid that was due late You can read more information about the content coming with the Warlords of New York expansion here.

Having trouble getting a build together to tackle the Dark Hours Raid? Check out our guide here. Need information of the gear and weapon perfect talents?

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Get help. Real Game Media.One of the biggest complaints of The Division was its endgame, or lack thereof. With that in mind, it feels like The Division 2 is slightly overcompensating, because its endgame is almost overwhelming in its scale.

division 2 level cap increase

We've updated this guide as of World Tier 5. Once you finally hit level 30, you may be slightly underwhelmed by what becomes available to you at first. The map will look almost identical to before, with only two key differences: a new Stronghold on the east of the map will become unlocked, and one of the three Dark Zones will have gear normalisation disabled you can read all about what this means in our Dark Zone guide.

There is a recommended order for tackling the Strongholds, as two of them have already been unlocked. District Union Arena and Roosevelt Island are both beatable before you hit the level cap. The game recommends you do District Union Arena first, however, Roosevelt Island is shorter and slightly easier, despite its higher-level requirement.

You may want to tackle that one first instead to get a feel for how Strongholds work. The Black Tusks have moved into the city, and this is where the real endgame begins. The first World Tier is capped tothe second tothe third atthe fourth atand the fifth at Gear Score is calculated in two different ways. First, the score given to your character is worked out from what you currently have equipped.

Secondly, gear score also dictates the score for loot that is dropped. This is not taken from your currently equipped score, but instead by the highest possible score from your inventory and your stash.

The absolute best way of increasing your gear score is through crafting. Make sure to read out guide on how crafting works in The Division 2 for the basics, but in the endgame, you must remember to upgrade your bench for each new world tier you transition to.

This allows anything you craft to drop with the highest possible score and provide the maximum benefit. Also make sure you visit the vendors scattered around the map, as often their wares have a few pieces that can be used to push up your gear score.

The Division 2 - Leveling 30-40 Super Fast Guide - Tips & Tricks!

Because your progression in the endgame is based on gear score and not levels, this is the first time in the entire game where PvP can be incredibly beneficial.

Increasing your gear score depends on getting as much of the highest-rated loot possible, and, conveniently, Conflict and the Dark Zone are great sources of it.

Spend 10 minutes playing a round of Conflict and win, and you could be rewarded with multiple caches that each give gear that pushes your score way up.New to Shacknews? Signup for a Free Account. Control Points are just one of many world events that players can take part in while playing The Division 2. These red lines signify that these events are directly tied to the Control Points that they lead back to.

This shows that completing this event will add one additional Alert Level to the Control Point that it is connected to. When a Control Point reaches Alert Level 4, the world event becomes much more difficult to complete. At this point the Control Point is going to be much more difficult to complete, most likely taking an hour or more if you're playing solo, depending on your overall skill in The Division 2.

Unfortunately, at the moment many players have reported that Level 4 just isn't worth the trouble, and recommend stopping at Level 3, as the rewards are much better and the Control Points aren't quite as difficult to complete. When raised to Level 3, Control Points will reward players with blueprints for the Crafting Station, making these activities a great thing to farm for better blueprints and gear options. Now that you know how to increase the Control Point Alert Level, be sure to head back over to our The Division 2 guide for more help taking back the streets of Washington D.

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The Division 2 – How to Earn SHD Levels in Warlords of New York

Login Now. Josh Hawkins. Josh Hawkins Guides Editor. How to kick villagers out - Animal Crossing: New Horizons.The Division 2 launched a year ago and featured a lineup of post-launch DLC as part of their Year 1 roadmap, but their biggest addition to the game is the new Warlords of New York expansion.

In the base game, the highest level you could achieve was level 30, with the Gear Score able to be raised from there to improve your stats. The Warlords of New York expansion builds upon that though with an increase in the max level cap to level 40 and this guide will explain how you can get to that level. Just like the first game, The Division 2 adopted a structure that required you to reach level 30 and get to a certain point in the game before you could then start raising your Gear Score, which was dependent on your equipment as well.

The Warlords of New York expansion takes away that Gear Score you already have though and resets to a more traditional leveling system until you reach level 40, but the question is how do you raise that level? First of all, you must purchase the Warlords of New York expansion to start, as that is required for the increased level cap.

Secondly, you cannot start leveling up higher within the main world of DC in the base game. Even if you go around and earn XP, you will still continue to only earn towards caches. To successful start leveling up in Warlords of New York, you must first head to New York in the game.

This requires you to have not only purchased the expansion, but to have also installed it. Once you have done that, start up your game and head to the White House, aka your Base of Operations. From here, go to the pilot found out front and talk to him to head to New York. This is a one way trip until you finish the expansion though, so be careful. As soon as you arrive in New York, pause the game and go to your equipment menu. Immediately you will notice that all your gear that you had previously with a Gear Score is now just listed as level This means you are ready to start leveling up again.

As in the main game, this can be done by going around and completing different missions, tasks, and finding collectibles. You should start leveling up decently fast if you are following the story and doing any of the main side missions you come across.

Once you start leveling up, you will also start finding equipment with higher levels as well, so keep up with those and that will certainly help speed up the process with you being more equipped for battle now. Game Guides. New max level cap in the Warlords of New York expansion. March 4th, by Dean James.

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division 2 level cap increase

You May Like.The hunt is on and Keener must be stopped. Explore all the newly announced PC editions. Face new threats and an old enemy: Aaron Keener, a former Division Agent turned rogue from the first The Division game.

Armed with a new strain of the virus that crippled the world, Keener has taken control of Lower Manhattan with the help of his close guard of dangerous Rogue Agents. The only way to stop a city-wide bio-attack is to stop Keener. Agent, the hunt is on! Jump right into a transformed New York! Embark on an epic manhunt across New York to stop your nemesis! Discover 4 new skills, exclusive exotics, gear sets and more. This includes an increase of level cap to level 40 and a new infinite progression system, making the game more rewarding than ever.

Lastly, get the option to immediately create a level 30 character, so Agents can easily begin playing this new campaign. Purchase Warlords of New York before April 3 for a level 40 weapon and outfit. Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Game. Requires base game to access. Warlords of New York Expansion. New tactical options. Level cap increase to The Division 2 Base Game.

Year 1 Pass Content. Game Details.Players Levels increase as you keep earning XP in Division 2. You get XP by killing enemies and higher level means you get stronger weapons and gears.

If you are on a lower level then it is necessary you focus on getting max level in Division 2. Max level cap for an agent is Level 30 and this requires hours of gameplay. You have to play a lot of missions and side mission to get at the highest level so that you get stronger weapons in the game.

In this get a max level guide of Division 2 we are going to save your time by telling you exactly how you can reach Level 30 without much effort.

Understanding the gear changes coming to The Division 2 this March 3rd

Division 2 has a glitch that allows you to do this. Compare to hours of grinding by playing one single side mission you can earn a high level, there is an XP glitch in Division 2 that offers players an easy Level 30 without much effort.

But it requires a team play, you will need a friend for this. By reaching a high level you will unlock Dark Zone and quickly you can reach end game to get more exotic weapons.

One Agent with Level 30 can boost 3 other players levels after completing the mission and this strategy works. By playing around three to four side mission with a Level 30 player you can easily reach Level 30 within a couple of hours. Once Agent reaches Level 30 you can unlock one of the three Specializations. This will also unlock Signature Weapons and extra skills to match the specialization play style.

The three specializations are Survivalist, Demolitionist, and Sharpshooter. To know more you can check our guide How To Unlock Specialization. Max Level cap is the most important to do in Division 2 once you start playing the game. Finding an agent with Max Level 30 is an ask but you can scan among your friend or also search on online community there will be someone to help.

Next thing to do is to upgrade your gears and weapons, by doing this you will get more and more powerful in the game. Try playing new co-op activities or check new missions in the PvP section of the game. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

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